When was the last time you had a bike fit? Have you never had a bike fit?


Unfortunately many of the riders I work with present with injuries that might not have occurred had they taken the preventative measure of having a professional bike fit. How you set up your equipment and the adjustments you make to your bike can have a significant impact on how your joints and muscles work while cycling. Getting these adjustments wrong can be costly, both physically and financially.

A large component of the cycling community spending hard earned money on high tech bikes and associated equipment without batting an eye, I'm curious to understand why a professional bike fitting isn't always in the top 5 new cycling purchases. Is it a cost thing or is it a lack of understanding of what a business is actually offering as a bike fitting service? Perhaps you have been bitten by a bad experience?

If you consider the costs associated with finding the cure through multiple visits to a health professional, does it not then make sense to invest your money in the prevention with a bike fitting before you get the injury. Of course I'm all for regular maintenance treatments with the local health professional, this should be part of any cyclists program. Your body will like you for it!

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