RecoveryHave you had this going through your head before?  “I have to keep riding, training and racing so I don’t lose form, I can push through the pain.”  Well you are not alone.

Unfortunately many athletes present with cycling related injuries that could have been avoided in the first place with appropriate bike fitting.   The truth of the matter is that by the point we see you, it's likely too late to rely on bike fitting alone to provide the solution.

“I have to keep riding, training and racing so I don’t lose form, I can push through the pain.”

“Hang you” our business is to promote injury prevention through professional bike fitting and we just alluded to bike fitting not being the solution.  Well we can help, however you need to help yourself as part of this process.  Anyone that has wanted to excel in the sport of cycling or has targeted a particular event would understand the key components that make up a high quality training program.  Maybe it's along these lines: specific phases of on bike training, nutrition, gym sessions, floor work such as Core, Pilates or Yoga and last but certainly not least Recovery.  Most of us get the first parts sorted but often at the expense of recovery.

Now our job isn't about writing you a program to help you achieve your goal but we may suggest you give your body a rest.  Saddle sores; they won’t go away as long as you keep riding, a pelvic rotation as a result of overly tight gluteal muscles and hip flexors won’t recover without treatment from a health professional and of course the cyclists dreaded rest.  Your bike is set up based on your body on the day of the fitting and we will work together with you and a health professional to ensure you are set up best to pedal efficiently and reduce the chance of cycling related injuries.

Have a honest look at how you are going about your training, are you putting as much emphasis on RECOVERY as all areas of the program?

If the answer is NO then perhaps it’s time to get some help, we work with a number of experienced health professionals that understand what we do.  Why not train smarter and race fresher.  Even as professional bike fitters we can acknowledge that bike fit is not the only answer to your injuries, it’s part of the solution.

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