After many years of racing professionally with several team and equipment changes along the way, Stewart has been a fantastic help. Stewart has been able to assist me duplicate my riding position when changing equipment and also offer me some valuable advice. It is fantastic to have someone of Stewart’s experience and expertise on hand in Melbourne that I can call on a regular basis.

Simon Gerrans - BMC Racing Team,

Stewart did my first setup in 2013 when he did the fitting for the NZ Triathlon team. He had a great understanding of not only a great cycling setup but also had a really great understanding as to what is needed for a triathlon style fit. Once I had my fit I felt more comfortable and had no little niggles or pains on those long rides. Stewart was also great fun during the fit which can sometimes take 2hrs +. I would totally recommend a fit from Stewart, you will see and feel the benefits.

Ryan Sissons - Pro Triathlete,

I had the pleasure to meet Stewart at a Specialized New Zealand Camp late 2014. I had a lot of things then that has been changed and adjusted to get as comfortable as possible putting out the most sustained power. He guided me through the first and last bike fit I have had to date and a year later I have the exact set up. I was quietly a little skeptical of bike fitting but I have to say,  it was a huge step for me and I have Stewart to thank for his help getting me completely dialed.

Sam Gaze- Specialized Global Racing (MTB),

Regardless of your level of cycling, the importance of a correct bike-fit cannot be overstated. It is the vital link between the technology of the bicycles we ride today and the individual. Without it, the bike and rider are not in unison, and problems occur. Incorrect bike-fit is one of the most common causes of injury in cyclists, and the reason I ask every patient 'who did your set-up?'. I've known and worked with Stewart for nearly 10 years. His knowledge and experience in biomechanics of the bike and rider are second to none. Stewart has solved issues my hands haven't, and he's shown me that when treating cyclists, proper bike-fit comes before all else.

Andrew Gerrans Osteopath, Mitchelton-Scott Cycling,