Why have you set your bike and equipment up that way?

It's not uncommon for a rider to find this question challenging;  When asked, quite often the answer is not very clear, it normally starts with, it's just how I've always done it, or it's what I got told by a friend or fellow cyclist. This advice can sometimes work by chance, but when you experience cycling related injuries or you want to optimise cycling performance then much more care must be taken to better understand you as a cyclist.

The truth is a lot of cyclist have managed to adapt to the bike and equipment they have. Unfortunately this can lead to cycling related injuries such as knee pain, lower back ache, foot numbness and saddle discomfort to name a few.

What to expect in a bike fit consultation with riderfit.

The fit consultation is made of a number of components outlined below and can take 2.5-3 hours depending on the bike and adjustments required.  When optimising aerodynamics with the most sustainable position for Time Trial or Triathlon it is not uncommon for the fitting to result in a longer session in the fit studio.

Goals and ambitions.

We need to establish your goals and ambitions for the bike fit. Having a good understanding of your goals will allow us to fine tune the bike fit to your individual needs. You may suffer from foot numbness on the bike and this has prompted you to get a bike fit. You could be attempting to win 6 hour mountain bike race, for this rider it's all about optimising the bike set up to increase your efficiency and power on the bike. We are all cycling for different reasons and this needs to be established in the initial discussion.

Assessment of your body.

Understanding your body is key to a successful bike fit.  If we don't understand your body then we are not making informed adjustments to the bike and associated equipment.

Adjusting the bike and equipment.

Making equipment adjustments on the bike will be driven by your goals, ambitions and your bodies strengths and weakness established in the physical assessment.



Your unique fit measurements.

On completion of the bike fit you bike will be measured and all equipment adjustments noted. Including cleat placement, saddle height, saddle fore-aft and all relevant measurements specific to the type of bike being fitted.

Comprehensive reporting.

You will be emailed a report documenting all the outcomes from the bike fit.  The document includes all the information gathered throughout the bike fit consultation.  If their are any recommendation to see a health professional this will be outlined with in the report.  managing your bike fit history allows you and riderfit to ensure we stay on track with goals and any adjustments that may take place in the future.

Support and check in.

Every rider that goes through a bike fit with riderfit. will have a personal check in to monitor the effects of any changes in equipment or bike set up.  Many riders will have a particular set up or have used certain equipment for a long periods of time, the body is great at getting used to something, at times this can mask what is actually correct for your body and goals.  After a period of 2-3 weeks you can book a 1 on 1 session to discuss and address any concerns you may have since the bike fit.  This booking is part of the initial bike fit consultation cost.

More booking details can be found on the Contact page. 


Bring your bike, the shoes and apparel you normally ride in, a water bottle, small towel (optional) and any other equipment you would like to use as part of the fit (if required).

The riderfit. bike fitting is payable direct to riderfit. on the day.  We have a mobile EFTPOS facility.  Any equipment needs as a result of the fit should be paid directly to the bicycle retailer on the day as per your booking preference.